To accelerate the impact revolution, this year, IFCII will bring experts, at home and abroad, to discuss how investments can help solve the most pressing problems that China is currently facing, e.g. decarbonization and rural development. Front-runners in the space will share their insights on how to generate both returns and impact. Come join us in Shanghai this summer. Come join the impact revolution. And take action.



Panel I How to Make Green Finance More Inclusive?

A major problem in the development of green finance and inclusive finance is that green finance is not inclusive enough and inclusive finance is not green enough. For example, green loans are mainly used to support large-scale projects like infrastructure, energy, environment protection while provides less support to vulnerable groups such as farmers, self-employed individuals, and small and micro enterprises. For small and medium-size banks that focus on inclusive finance, the proportion of green credit is still relatively low. What should be done to promote the integration of green finance and inclusive finance? In this session, the panelists will focus on this question and discuss about the green taxonomies, the establishment of the disclosure system, and the design of financial products.


Yolanda Yun Zhu,Operational Lead - Climate Finance Advisory,Financial Institution Group Asia Pacific,International Finance Corporation (IFC), the World Bank Group


  • Min JI,  Director General of the Counselor Office, PBOC
  • Zhengjiang GUO,  Vice President, Huzhou Center Branch, PBOC

  • Yao WANG,  Director General of International Institute of Green Finance, CUFE

  • Andy CHEN,  Founder and CEO of Beijing Uni Inclusive Technology Limited Company

  • Anqian HUANG,  Senior Financial Sector Specialist of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) East Asia Department

  • Paul ZHU,  Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion (CAFI)

  • Zhiqian  LIN,  Head of Blue Finance Department, Bank of Qingdao 

Panel II Rural Revitalization and Urbanization: a Dilemma?

The 19th NCCPC proposed a rural revitalization strategy, insisting on giving priority to the development of agriculture and rural   areas. The strategy encourages rural people to return to their hometowns to  start businesses and industrial and commercial capital to go to the rural areas.  Does this contradict the promotion of urbanization? At present, China's urbanization rate is 64%, which is still far behind the developed countries.  Does the proposal of the rural revitalization strategy mean that the   urbanization process will slow down? This will be the focus of this session.



Qiang QU, Professor, School of Finance, RUC, Director, China Financial Policy Research Center


  • Lin XU,  Chairman, Board of Directors, Managing Partner, U.S-China Green Fund

  • Bingdi LI,  Former Director General of the Village Building Office, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MoHURD)

  • Hongyu ZHANG,  Deputy President, China Institute for Rural Studies, Tsinghua University

  • Ming LU,  Professor of Antai School of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Director of Shanghai Institute for National Economy (SHINE)

  • Jun SUN,  Deputy Director of Professional Committee on Coordinated Development of Cities and Rural Areas, China Urban-townization Promotion Council (CUPC),  Founder and Advisor of Beijing Green Cross

Opening Ceremony


  • Duoguang BEI,  Secretary General of IFCII, President of Chinese Academy of Financial Inclusion (CAFI)

Opening Remarks

  • Yudong YANG, Editor-in-Chief of Yicai Media Group

Keynote Speech 

  • Jizhe NING, ,Member of the National Committee of CPPCC, Former Vice Chairman of NDR

  • Guangshao TU, Co-chair of IFCII, Member of the National Committee of CPPCC, Executive Director of SAIF Board, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Dialogue: Both Profits and Impact. Is Milton Friedman Wrong about Corporate Social Responsibility?


  • Duoguang BEI, Secretary General of IFCII, President of CAFI


  • Shuo QIN, Co-director, Business Civilization Research Center of China

Themed Speech
  • Risa LIU,  Beijing Branch Manager, Citibank (China) Co., Ltd.

  • Shirley YU,  Senior Vice President, Group General Manager, Visa Greater China

  • Fran SEEGULL,  President, the US Impact Investing Alliance

Report Release: Unlocking the Potential: Harness Impact Investing to Revitalizing Rural China


  • Xu HU, Deputy Head of Research, CAFI


  • Zhenwei LIU, Deputy Director, National People's Congress Working Committee on Agriculture and Rural Areas

  • Shouying LIU, Dean of School of Economics, RUC

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Panel III: How Can Finance Help in Promoting Low-Carbon Transition?

The international situation is becoming more and more complicated, and energy prices continue   to rise. Against this backdrop, will global climate action slow down? Or is the high price forcing transformation and accelerating the“de-fossil   energy”? Energy supply in China is dominated by coal. How to advance in an orderly manner to achieve the“dual carbon”goal? What role can financial institutions play in this process? This will be the focus of this panel discussion.


  • Yi  DING,  Senior Advisor, CAFI, former Chairman and Secretary of Huaneng Capital Services


  • Xuehao HU,  Director-General of Evaluation Center for State-owned Financial Capital Operation MINISTRY OF FINANCE, P.R.C 

  • Junbao SHAN,  President of CICC Capital Co., Ltd.

  • Yongmiao ZHANG, Director of Green Finance Center of Huaxia Bank

  • Yu ZHANG,  Chairman of Xi'an Togeek Information Technology Co. Ltd.

  • Xiaoju, ZHAO,  Honorary Dean, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Shanghai Institute of International Finance Centre, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

  • Dewen MEI,  General Manager of China Beijing Green Exchange

  • Nan LUO,  Head of China, Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

Panel IV: ESG Investing and the Third Pillar of Pensions

The personal pension system was officially released, and the development of China’s third pillar of pensions ushered in new opportunities. In terms of product design and investment education, how  should the pension investment management reflect inclusiveness and cover more low-income people? In the construction of investment management system, how should ESG factors be incorporated to improve long-term returns and contribute to sustainable development? These questions will be discussed in this session.


  • Yanqing YANG,Head of Planning and Development Department in Shanghai AI Laboratory


  • Amit BOURI,  CEO and Co-Founder, The Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN

  • Yanli ZHOU,  Co-chair of IFCII, Member, the Economic Committee of CPPCC; Former Deputy Party Secretary and former Vice Chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC)  

  • Deyun CAO,  Executive Vice President and Secretary General, Insurance Asset Management Association of China

  • Wen LI,  Chairman of the Board of China Universal Asset Management Co., Ltd.

  • Julia WU,  MSCI Managing Director and Head of Greater China Client Coverage

  • Yaohui ZHAO,  Professor, National School of Development, Peking University

  • Amit BOURI,  CEO and Co-Founder, The Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN)

Guest Speech: From Green Finance to Transition Finance


  • Xu HU, Deputy Head of Research, CAFI


  • Tzu-Kuan CHIU, Professor of Finance at Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF), Shanghai Jiaotong University, Academic Director of Sustainable Finance Discipline Development Fund at SAIF

Panel V Trends and Prospect of Impact Investing

In the future, what areas can impact investing focus on? Is there anything new in the international arena? What are the new developments in the measurement of impact investing? These will be discussed in this session.


  • Ning TANG, Founder and CEO of CreditEase, Executive Chairman and CEO of Yiren Digital


  • Xiaoxi SUN, Co-chair of IFCII, Former Vice Chairman of National Council for Social Security Fund (NCSSF)

  • Weiguo ZHANG, Former Member of International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)

  • Qing GU, Program Officer, Ford Foundation Beijing Office

  • Haiqing DENG, Vice General Manager and Chief Investment Officer of AVIC Fund Management Co., Ltd

  • Chang SUN, Chairman, TPG China 



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